This video was taken at our 10,000th spay/neuter celebration in 2012. Watch it to learn more about a cat named Socks (and her kind owner – Rocky), as well as the importance of spaying and neutering your pet!

Meet Miso (Submitted by Paris)
I got a text from a good friend of mine that her boyfriend found a little kitten in the forest while he was out fishing and that he was in need of a home. My fiancé and I knew we wanted to give the kitten a home. When we met him he was so sweet but a little timid and underweight. We took him home and bottle fed him for a few days and named him Miso. Spay Baton Rouge helped us have him neutered when we really needed the help. We both work full-time jobs while paying for college and a wedding so we appreciate everything they are doing to help.

Meet Ella Woods (Submitted by Paige)
This is Ella Woods! She's named after Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Ella is a full time student and future law student! I found Ella on the side of the road in April, along with two other puppies... all very skinny and dirty. I took all three home, found the other two homes, but couldn't part with Ella. She is SO bad and SO spoiled. She eats everything (door frames, window sills, my economic notes...) but I still love her! She sleeps in my bed and always likes to cuddle. She comes everywhere with me, and refuses to sit anywhere in the car but on my lap. Spoiled is an understatement, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't know what I would do without Ella, and am so glad I found her. She's my baby. (PS: Ella was spayed on November 14th.)

Meet Rosie (Submitted by Jesslyn)
Rosie is a 6-month-old dachshund mix. She came to us as a rescue, with the worst case of demodectic mange my vet had seen in a long time. She had lost all of her hair through a treatment that the person who handed her over to me had tried. She was swollen and red (hence Rosie), and nothing was helping her feel better. Apparently she was found in a cane field all alone, miles away from the nearest houses. When we picked her up from the person who found her, she was a scared little thing! Her skin was flaking off and she was covered in scabs. I immediately set up an appointment with my vet. After only a week of the treatment, she had so much puppy energy and enthusiasm it was unreal. She started barking, running, and wanting to play. Within a month she had almost all her hair back! The treatment that saved her life cost us a lot, but we wanted to continue protecting her health and well-being, so we contacted Spay Baton Rouge to have Rosie spayed. She was fixed in October and has healed quickly from her surgery. Now she can live a long, happy life with us. After giving this pup the second chance that she deserved, we were able to get her spayed at an attainable cost with Spay Baton Rouge's help.